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Al-Powered Cybersecurity Posture Transformation

Discover and analyze the enterprise attack surface for a 100x more accurate view of breach risk.

The enterprise attack surface is massive, and attackers can breach the enterprise through many vectors. To get an accurate idea of risk, security teams need to analyze up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from the extended network of devices, apps, and users.

Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem anymore. Balbix helps the enterprise identify, prioritize, and quantify risk, leading to breach risk reduction of 95% or more and 10x more efficient security teams.

Balbix in 3 Minutes

Learn how the Balbix AI-powered platform helps you to dramatically improve your cybersecurity posture.

Balbix BreachControl gives you

Continuous Discovery and Analysis of the Attack Surface

Balbix automatically discovers your inventory in real-time: your devices, applications, and users, analyzing for risk across 100+ attack vectors and millions of breach scenarios.

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Prioritized Risk insights at Your Fingertips

The Balbix platform pinpoints those issues that need immediate attention given the risk to your business vs. those which can wait a few days, and those which are just noise. Easily understand your risk with highly visual dashboards and natural-language search.

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Gamifying Cybersecurity Posture Improvement

Along with prioritized prescriptions to helping you fix the most critical issues, Balbix provides support for gamifying cybersecurity posture transformation. Each risk-owner gets the right information and incentives to do their part in efficiently reducing overall cyber-risk.

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