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Begin your transformation journey with AWS Illuminate PTP

PTP Accelerates AWS Growth

The Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is an enablement program focused on helping partners build a successful and profitable AWS business. With partners that have been through PTP achieving 50-70% revenue growth and 140% opportunity win rate year-over-year, compared to AWS Partners who have not gone through the PTP.

Ingram Micro Cloud have partnered with specialist transformation consultants SyncOrg to deliver PTP for Ingram Micro Cloud partners as part of their service. This program is funded for Ingram Micro Cloud partners in which 3 levels of PTP have been developed exclusively to support Ingram Micro Cloud partners at every stage of their AWS journey from Registered to Premier.

Ingram AWS PTP Levels

We have created a PTP level to support you at every stage of your AWS journey.




Supports partners to BUILD their Cloud practice, helping them take a solid step into the world of AWS. For Registered AWS partners.  Learn More >>

Supports partners to ACCELERATE their Cloud practice development. For Select or Advanced partners.  Learn More>>

Supports partners to INNOVATE with their Cloud practice and become Cloud leaders. For Advanced or Premier partners with large or complex businesses. Learn More>>

Benefits of PTP

  • Unlocks your ability for long-term commercial success increasing AWS billing potential
  • Establishes your strategic vision and direction with AWS
  • Advances your AWS training and certification
  • Accelerates your APN journey and time to market

Hear From Our PTP Participants

CEO & Co-Founder of NUVU

Process Manager at Denk It

Cloud Portfolio Manager at Zen Internet

Andres Barrentes

Michael Blinzler

Katherine Pugh

"[This program] allowed us to generate substantial improvements..."

"We had completed [the program] to  provide our customers with the best Cloud experience possible..."

"The [program's] output so far is like 'gold dust' in giving us the perspective that we could never get without this initiative..."

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